The Consumer Code for Home Builders

The Consumer Code applies to Home Buyers who, on or after 1st April 2010, reserve to buy a new Home built by a Home Builder under the insurance protection scheme provided by NHBC (National House Builders Council). The Consumer Code sets requirements that Home Builders who are registered with the supporting Home Warranty providers such as NHBC must meet.

Home Builders may adopt the standards of good practice, procedures and information, as detailed in the guidance against each core requirement. Where a Home Builder decides to adopt a different approach to satisfy the core requirement, they must provide the similar level of information and achieve a comparable outcome to the same level as detailed in the guidance notes.

The purpose of the Code is to ensure that Home Buyers:
are treated fairly; know what service levels to expect; are given reliable information upon which to make their decisions; and know how to access speedy, low-cost dispute-resolution arrangements if they are disatisfied

The NHBC have agreed to require all their registered builders to adopt and comply with the Code as a condition of their registration. Where a Home Builder is found to be in serious breach of the Code, the NHBC can apply a range of sanctions, including removal from the relevant Home Warranty Body’s register and exclusion from all registers run by other Home Warranty Bodies who participate in the Code scheme.

A Home Buyers rights under the NHBC is explained in their booklet “Why Buy This Home” which can be downloaded along with a copy of the Consumer Code.